Energy Logistics specializes in providing flexible logistics capabilities that start from the planning stage to the clearance, storage, and delivery of your goods. We listen to your unique business needs and can jump into whichever part of the logistics supply chain you need us, be it Plan, Source/Make, Book/Move, or Deliver. Each of our solutions is developed internally, including Air Cargo, Ocean Cargo, Customs Brokerage, Domestic Transportation, Risk Management, Warehouse & Distribution, Project Cargo, Dangerous Cargo & Security, and Country-Specific import and export compliance.

We are the leading Oilfield Specialists 


Fast, Reliable Delivery Worldwide

Forwarding your freight with Energy Logistics will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency along the supply chain. We provide real-time, global tracking as part of our standard capabilities. Our global, door-to-door services include customs clearance and forwarding to interior points, as well as coordinating….[Read More]


A new standard of shipping for a new global environment

Energy Logistics ocean covers a wide spectrum of intermodal ocean transport for time-definite, door-to-door delivery of goods to any point on the globe based on long-term contracts with reliable carriers offering customized pre- and on-carriage arrangements. Energy Logistics customers now have access to a logistics network second to none….[Read More]



Energy Logistics Ground Transport is the vital link between the Freight and Brokerage products and aim to provide a cost and time efficient Door-to-Door service to the customer. Whether it be through road or rail, our ‘ex-works’ product is meticulously managed via GPS systems to ensure your Cargo is delivered at the promised time….[Read More]



Energy Logistics manages over 150,000 square metres of Warehousing space within its Operational centres and deals in various aspects of the supply chain, from simple storage & inventory management to packing & distribution. Our warehouses are specially equipped and licenced to handle various types and sizes of Cargo and provide complete security to your Inventory from threats like fire, pilferage, damage, etc….[Read More]



Energy Logistics project cargos is only handled by our most veteran staff and consists of a team of highly experienced individuals who are well trained in all aspects of Break-Bulk and Odd Dimensional Cargo (ODC) transportation. Specialist in Rig Moves….[Read More] 



Energy Logistics Customs House Broker has trained staff for dealing with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in the Kurdistand Region. And the staff  are competent in all local Regulations pertaining to most of the goods that are Imported and Exported out of our Country

With our international partners we have are able to provide end to end intermodal transport…[Read More] 



Energy Logistics has always believed that best technology enables best service, and its outlays in providing the IT edge have always resulted in innovative services and solutions. Today, thorough it’s path breaking IT initiatives, shipment information from anywhere across the globe is available at fingertips….[Read More]