Social Responsibility

Socially responsible business is implemented not only through adherence to the code of ethics. The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility also involves a conscious impact on the environment and more specifically on a local environment. Prosocial activity is only one of the branches within Energy Logistics framework of responsible business activity. It assumes care for the natural environment and the world that will be faced by future generations.

Characterizing corporate values the CEO has compared a company to a human being, who, just like a company, needs favorable conditions to exist and flourish. According to this metaphor a company is also a moral subject, therefore, it should have a conscience.

Energy Logistics participation in the lives of social communities as well as making long-term and notable social investments make its functioning more efficient and harmonious. Moreover, it sets a good example for others and shows how to support those in need easily.

Through social involvement, Energy Logistics contribute to a solution to various problems such as unemployment, starvation, or children’s diseases. In numerous cases through the implementation of social schemes or cooperation with other institutions implementing such schemes, the company helps to prevent the emergence of problems.

The concept of corporate social responsibility is inextricably linked to corporate values. Guided by them, Energy Logistics is involved in the prosocial activity and cooperates with numerous public benefit organizations. See our local actions Links below.

Through meeting challenges of social responsibility Energy Logistics improves standards of conduct towards Customers, Employees, and Contractors. The changes contribute to the creation of an organizational culture based on trust, responsibility, and transparency for all the interested parties.

Links To Energy Logistics Local Actions

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